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Writing Awards

2nd Honorable Mention -- Reba Kohler and Rena Webb Memorial Category for "The New Job," a senyru sequence, poetry.  League of Utah State Poetry Society contest.  April 23, 2016.

Special Recognition -- Hungry Poets Category for "Racket," a shadorma, poetry.  League of Utah State Poetry Society contest.  April 23, 2016.

3rd Honorable Mention -- Jan Morrill Award for Japanese Forms of Short Poetry for "Tear Drops from Snowfall," a senyru, poetry.  Arkansas Writers’ Conference annual writing contest.  June 2014.

3rd Place -- Mary Harper Sowell Award for “The Swimming Pool,” a senyru sequence, poetry.  Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas’s Dr. Lily Peter Spring Celebration contests.  May 3, 2014.

1st Place -- Suzanne Suddeth Memorial Prize for Prose or Poetry for “Abigail, the Little Sister,” a picture book.   Green River Writers’ contest.  December 2, 2013.

1st Place -- Jim Stone Grand Prize Memorial Award for Fiction for “The Mill Rat,” a short story.  Springfield Writers’ Guild annual writing contest.  October 26, 2013.

2nd Place -- Poetry Specific Form Award for "Racket," a shadorma, poetry.  Springfield Writers’ Guild annual writing contest.  October 26, 2013.

3rd Place --  Winklebleck's Challenge Award for "Aura," a concrete poem.  Mississippi Poetry Society’s annual writing contest.  September 12, 2013.

3rd Place -- Erdel Family Memorial Award for “The Burden of Heritage,” a YA short story.  Arkansas Writers’ Conference annual writing contest.  June 2013.



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Freelance writer for Demand Media Studios.  May 2012 - Present.

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Graduate Editor of Arkansas Review:  A Journal of Delta Studies.  Arkansas State University, 1997-1998.



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